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Krav Maga Kickboxing Arts Mumbai India
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Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע: "close combat") is a Self Defense and Military  Combat System.

It got world wide popularity after it was adopted by various Israeli Military services; now also in use by the Special Forces of other countries.

The version of Krav Maga taught to civilians is more often a simplified version that emphasizes Personal self-defense in a variety of situations common in todays unpredictable world.



Now learn Krav Maga skills at the UCCA, The world renowned Unarmed Commando Combat Academy, whose Directors specialize in training the Indian Forces in Close Quarter Battle as Guest Trainers.

UCCA combines its extensive experience in military martial arts in designing the 3 month 'Krav Maga Mortal Kombat' course.

'Krav Maga Mortal Kombat' course is a comprehensive Course which combines

A] Krav Maga Defensive Skills

B] Military Unarmed Combat Offensives

C] Defences for Common Day to Day Threatening Situations

D] Fitness & Fat Burning Aerobic workouts (Weight Loss)

E] Kick Boxing Skills

'Krav Maga Mortal Kombat' is designed for adapting Krav Maga & other military martial arts skills to common situations in day to day life in metros like

# Mugging


# Assault & street fights


# Knife & sword attacks


# Stick attacks


# Multiple opponent attack


# Common situations like Chokes, Collar grabs, Front tackle, Bear hugs, Wrist grab, etc


# Pupils are taught to fight in a variety of circumstances like in Buses, Trains, Streets, etc

The UCCA "Krav Maga Mortal Kombat" Civilian Course is a specially designed course for Mumbai citizens, which is

  • Comprehensive,
  • Easy to learn, 
  • Downright practical,
  • Taught only in small numbers,
  • With most modern equipment,

It is a hands on UCCA certified course of 3 months duration. 

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To enroll or enquire please call Dr. Komal
9820496752   or    9969022229
Mumbai & Thane CENTERS
  • HQ - ANDHERI (W)
  • THANE (Ghodbunder Road)
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1.        Institute of Martial Science  Mumbai  (& Blackbelt India  website)  is not a certificate churning organization.

2.        Institute of Martial Science  Mumbai  (& Blackbelt India  website) is not a belt selling shop.

3.        Institute of Martial Science  Mumbai  (& Blackbelt India  website) is not only a theoretical course but is  a  practical training Institute.

4.        Institute of Martial Science  Mumbai  (& Blackbelt India  website) is meant for anyone who desires to learn the science and art of  Fighting.

5.        Institute of Martial Science  Mumbai  (& Blackbelt India  website) is affiliated to the highly reputed and internationally renowned organization, UCCA  ,the Unarmed Commando Combat Academy.